Ufo Project

by Simon.

My first intention was to familiarize myself with Unity then I started to believe I could become a millionaire with this project but...

Make a spherical world

I always wanted to make a spherical world because:

  • it's physically correct (and physically correct is fashionable).
  • it's cool.
  • it's probably the best way to make an open world.
  • I think it can bring some eye-catching graphics (like spherical photography, atmospheric scattering, curved skyline etc).

I quickly realized that game engines is not really designed to do that but I try to do my best to make my prototype.

The controls


  • Left stick : moves
  • Right stick : rotate
  • Triggers : up/down
  • Button B : kill
  • Button A : freeze
  • Button Y : attract

Keyboard (quick adaptation):

  • Arrows : ZQSD / WASD
  • Left control/space : up/down
  • Key 1 : kill
  • Key 2 : freeze
  • Key 3 : attract